Measuring Dome Measuring Magnifier, 2" Inch, 4x, Measuring Reticle

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MDM-2 Measuring Dome Magnifier, 2" Inch 4x Measuring Magnifier with 30mm measuring scale, just place is on the flat surface and look down into the magnifier for measuring and 4x magnified view.
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MDM-2 Measuring Dome Magnifier, 2" Inch small size 4x Dome Magnifier is one of the easiest magnifiers to use. A dome magnifier is the ideal Magnifier for magnifying medical films and x-rays, newspapers, charts, paperwork, books, financial and accounting statements and documents. Simply place the Dome magnifier on the surface and glide across to easily view with 4x magnification.
A 2" Dome Magnifier provides a small magnifying area is large enough to magnify specific hard to read areas on documents, technical plans, marine charts, architectural plans, and geological maps. Unlike others our DM-2 uses only optical grade acrylic in our Dome Magnifiers for optimum clarity, scratch resistance, and minimal distortion. If you order this you will receive a Measuring Dome Magnifier with a 30mm measuring Scale.


  • - Lens Power/Magnification -4x
  • - Lens Diameter 2" Inch
  • - Lens Diopter -12
  • - Lens Focal Length 0 Fixed Focused

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Measuring Dome Magnifier with measuring reticle, 2" Dome Measuring Magnifier 4x with 30mm measuring reticle

Special Price $27.99 Regular Price $34.99