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Headband Magnifiers

Headband Magnifiers


  • - Headband Magnifiers allow hands-free Magnified Binocular Vision (both eyes viewing).
  • - Headband Magnifiers for professionals, technicians, machinist, craftsman, hobbyists
  • - Best Magnifier to use for manual dexterity work, fine print, part inspection, assembly
  • - Allows Handwork & hands-free magnification, increased, precision, speed
  • - Headband Magnifiers models can be worn over Rx lenses and safety glasses.
  • - With Corrective glasses & vision issues, Focal Lengths can vary per eye condition.
  • - Headband Magnifiers fit all head sizes and shapes and are easily adjustable.
  • - Most popular Magnification is 2.5x at 8" Focal Length & 1.5x at 20" focal Length.
  • - Binocular vision (both eyes) magnification range is 1.5x-3.5x or 2-10 Diopter.
  • - Binocular vision magnification limited to 3.5x due to focal length, laws of physics.