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Pocket Magnifiers


  • - Pocket Magnifiers for every application and need,easy to use and carry.
  • - Pocket magnifiers are ideal quick inspection tasks.
  • - Easily to carry and portable, will fit in pocket, briefcase, handbag.
  • - Ideal for reading small print, labels, and detailed inspection.


Pocket Magnifiers

  1. LED Lighted Pocket Magnifier with  10x Aspheric Lens Sale
    $17.00 $26.99 As low as: $14.99
    MP-10LED - LED Lighted Pocket Magnifier with 10x 35mm aspheric lens pocket illuminated magnifier with "AR" anti-reflection coated lens to help with those detailed inspections. (Available with optional storage case) Uses two “AA” batteries. Long lasting LED illumination.
  2. 4x Lighted Pocket Magnifier MADE IN USA Sale
    $10.00 $13.99 As low as: $8.99
    M-7 pocket magnifier 4x pocket magnifier with 1.25” square acrylic lens provides clear sharp image. (Available with or without 8x bifocal lens) Has a replaceable hi-intensity lamp for bright viewing. Makes a great emergency flashlight. Uses two "AAA" batteries ."Best Seller" over 10 million sold! Made In The USA
  3. 4x Folding Pocket Magnifier with 1.25" Aspheric Lens Sale
    $13.99 $18.99 As low as: $12.99
    SPM-4 Folding pocket Magnifier with 1.25” or 35mm 4x aspheric lens. Ultra portable 4x pocket magnifier, ideal portable or field magnifier with leatherette zippered storage case. . Swings open open for use and closed for storage.
  4. 2" Round 4x Handheld Inspection Magnifier with Case Sale
    $14.99 $17.99 As low as: $13.99
    G-2 2” inch 4x Round high power Hand Held Magnifier with ergonomically shaped handle.Comes with Storage case. Excellent value magnifying glass for basic inspection and reading use. Light weight yet durable for everyday usage. 4x Magnification POWER: 4x
  5. 8x  Lupe  8x Acrylic Base Loupe MADE IN GERMANY Sale
    $44.99 $59.99
    AGFA Lupe or Loupe , made in Germany 8x magnifier with 1 7/8 inch base diameter. These are widely used in the graphics art industry as well as for looking at films and negatives, as well as detailed inspection. German Quality.
  6. 10x Stand Fixed Focus Magnifier by Carson Sale
    $7.99 $9.99
    LL-10 10x Stand Fixed Focus Magnifier by Carson